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Why should our clients choose Inna Care?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Thanks to our widespread contacts, Inna Care offer graduates access to a number of employers and exclusive vacancies - signing up to us could be your ticket to a job offer

If you've started your graduate job search, you'll know that identifying suitable vacancies, sending off applications and preparing for interviews can be a lengthy process. It can also be difficult to stay motivated if you're getting rejections or struggling to find vacancies that fit your skillset.

Joining Inna Care could help you eliminate these worries. We're free to use, well-connected to employers across all industries and can offer you constructive career advice.

What is Inna Care recruitment agency?

Otherwise known as employment agency, recruitment agencies act as the middleman between jobseekers and employers. We work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill vacancies. Many employers use us, and signing up will sometimes give you access to jobs that aren't advertised elsewhere.

When an employer needs to hire someone, it provides the agency with a job description. The agency then uses this description to search the pool of CVs in its database to match jobseekers to the vacancy. Alternatively, they post a job advert online to attract applicants - before drawing up a shortlist. The employer will then pick its preferred candidates from this shortlist and ask the agency to coordinate interviews.

Should I use Inna Care recruitment agency?

In addition to our basic function of matching you to suitable jobs, there are many benefits to using Inna Care. For example, as specialist sector agency in healthcare we have strong knowledge of our industry and can advise you on the best ways to break into a particular career.

We're well-connected, meaning that as well as being put forward for vacancies, your CV can be sent speculatively to a range of employers. Inna Care will also be able to help you improve your CV and cover letter and give you tips on interview technique. If you're put forward for a job but don't get it, we will usually provide constructive feedback.

How do I join Inna Care agency?

Make initial contact by phone or send your CV and a cover letter by email. Explain the type of position you're looking for and provide an overview of your skills and qualifications. You could call Inna Care at 01708 751325 shortly after submitting your email to confirm that they've received it.

You'll usually be asked to make an appointment for an informal interview, in person, to assess your situation and discuss your career plans - although will also allow you to walk in and sign up. Making a good first impression is vital, so act and dress professionally.

We may ask you sit skills tests to determine your level of spelling and IT literacy. If we feels that we'll be able to assist you in your search, your details will be added to our candidate database and we'll get in touch when appropriate vacancies arise.

Keep in regular contact and maintain a good rapport with your assigned recruitment consultant. Act on their advice - they know what employers are looking for. Accept interviews unless you've a strong reason not to, and ask for feedback from your consultant after each one. If you're using Inna Care to find temporary work, accept any reasonable job offers as this gives you the chance to show that you can meet employers' needs.

Let us know when you no longer want to be on our books, otherwise we'll continue to contact you after your job search has ended.

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