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The caring people behind Inna Care

Meet the team


Florina Dinsorean

Managing Director


Eugene Dinsorean

Financial Director


Roxana Botez

Marketing Manager

The Inna Care Way

We are a person centred-oriented business—we operate under and live by a management framework called ‘The Inna Care Way’.


This starts with our three foundation pillars—our Purpose, our Vision and our Values—covering who we are, what we want to be and the kind of behaviours that form our culture.


Our Purpose

To help healthcare staff and clients to improve the health of our communities.


Our Vision

To be a valued, respected and trusted partner to healthcare staff and clients alike.


Our Values

Care, Integrity, Teamwork and Empowerment.


The Inna Care Way recognises that we have three distinct key stakeholder groups—our Clients, our Healthcare Staff, and our People. While these groups are interdependent, we also recognise that we have different and specific obligations to each of them; such recognition is the key to success.


The Inna Care Way is underpinned by our detailed processes and procedures for delivering quality service, ensuring compliance, and achieving operational excellence.


Our vision for the future

We aim to be the best partner possible to our clients and the passport to opportunities for our healthcare staff.


The heart of our business will perpetually be to help people and to provide quality healthcare.


We are, and we will continue to be, all about people—they are our beating heart!

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