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Domiciliary care services

If you want to remain at home but you’d like help to stay comfortable, domiciliary care can be ideal. Our trained care assistants give you as much assistance as you need, so you keep your independence.

Flexible care that adapts to your needs

Perhaps you need someone to come round for a couple of hours a week, to help with cleaning and shopping. Or you may want a care assistant to visit several times a day, so they can support you with life’s daily tasks, like getting showered and dressed, and preparing meals.

No matter how many hours of care you want, short term or long term, we match our service to your requirements. If your needs change, our care adapts.

Designed around you

Everyone is different. That’s why we consider what you want to get from our assistance, then work with you to provide exactly the right support.

We also know that small things make a huge difference to your quality of life. Whether it’s how you like your eggs cooked or the way you want your bed made, we listen to you, so everything is just right.

How we can help

We can assist with your personal care, such as getting up or going to bed, having a bath, dressing, shaving or taking your medication.

We can also help with many other things, including shopping, cooking, cleaning, going with you to your medical appointments or on social outings, or just being your companion. We also offer a sleepover service, if you need us there at night and live-in care.

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Florina Dinsorean

Registered Manager