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Mental health Care

There is a tendency for care services to focus on the client’s physical and medical needs, but we understand that there’s a huge benefit to a client’s mental health when they’re a part of our care packages. Over half of adults aged 55 and over report suffering from mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety. A lot of these symptoms can be relieved simply by reliably and consistently having someone to talk to – 72% of those same respondents said that more opportunities to connect with people would help their mental health struggles - this is the main strength of mental health care. Mental health care can cover almost any mental condition and can include things like support with activities like drawing, painting, playing games and getting support with hobbies – your carer will be matched to you and your interests and needs.

If you are interested in discussing our care, or looking for care for you or a loved one, you can book an assessment with us below.

We understand that even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental condition, and that stress and anxiety can build up both for the client and their family. The support of a carer will give you peace of mind that your loved one is cared for properly, and that they’re living their life to the highest quality possible. It’s incredibly important to us that our client’s mental health is supported, and that the carer’s presence is a positive, comforting and reassuring one

For more information on mental health care please check out these websites:

NHS Mental Health Care Guide

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