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Success is a journey not a destination

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Success is a ride inspired by motivation. The journey to “the promise land” is not a smooth road. It comes with challenges, barriers, obstacles, and difficulties. These are moments in life where we all need guidance, direction, and motivation to push harder until we achieve our goals.

According to Smith, Joubert, & Karodia (2015), motivation is seen as the activation, direction, intensity and perseverance of human behaviour or actions in a sustainable manner towards the attainment of a specified goal or aim. The above statement epitomizes that in order to achieve guaranteed targets; people must be satisfactorily energetic and be clear about their determinations.

How to be clear about what you set to achieve when motivated to do so! (Need to be SMART)

Notwithstanding the fact that motivation is essential towards the achievement life goals and objectives, it is equally significant for one to be smart with regards to what the needs to be achieved at a certain period in time.

Firstly, motivated individuals need to have a targeted specific area or region that requires improvement or development for best result. Also, one’s performance needs to be measured overtime to evaluate previous outcomes to current to determine progress or otherwise.

Secondly, motivated individuals need to establish attainable and realistic goals considering the given or available resources. When motivated, your set goals must be attainable and not impossible to achieve, hence relevant to your life purpose.

Finally, with a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and target date, helps create a purpose of urgency and eliminates backsliding when one is highly motivated to succeed.

Rocky Ennin

HR Recruitment Consultant

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