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Becoming a Locum GP

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Becoming a Locum GP may be a beneficial step for you, whether you're a newly qualified GP or one already working as a salaried GP, we're here to support you make this change.

Self employment

Becoming a Locum GP gives you more control over your work, as you'll effectively become self employed. You gain control over your working hours and holidays, making it much easier to pursue other interests or become more independent. You will also be working at many different agencies, giving you a good feel for the environment you're working in and allowing you to find a place where you can gain a fixed/long term position.

What you'll be earning

Calculating what you'll be earning as a Locum GP is a difficult task; there are a lot of options available for Locum GPs. Although it may be a scary step to make, as a Locum GP you can find a perfect salary and work/life balance for you. If you'd like to learn how much you could earn or are interested in finding work as a Locum GP, we here at Inna Care can help you find what you need. Get in touch with our team and we can gear you towards the best opportunities.

Why choose Locum work?

We all know working as a locum doctor or general practitioner gives you the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want, as well as the chance to earn high rates. But there are other benefits, too.

  • Augment your clinical skills

Locum doctors regularly face new challenges in diagnoses and treatments, and as such are continually increasing their knowledge and skills. A job in a rural setting, for example, will teach you to become more resourceful, to rely on your clinical instincts, and gain confidence quickly.

  • Experience different practice methods and work settings

Of course, exploring the landscape is a big drawcard, but important exploration occurs on the job as well. If you are not yet sure which practice you want to settle down in, you can work your way around a variety of locations and you’ll discover which ones you could call your ‘home’.

  • Boost your network

If you’ve moved to a new area, you'll meet local medical staff while working at various locations. You’ll find network opportunities as you work through smaller practices, larger medical centres and hospitals, which can lead to full-time employment.

  • Make more informed choices about full-time employment

Working at different sites allows you to identify the ones you like, and enables you to see first hand which places exhibit an inclusive and positive work culture. You don’t get a chance to see this when applying online or even during job interviews.

Help a community in need

When a hospital or medical practice needs a locum doctor or GP, it's because they're short-staffed. In some rural areas, your expertise can mean the difference between a practice staying open or closing—your contribution will always be valued.

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