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An introduction to being a Band 5 Nurse

Band 5 nurses are newly registered nurses who will be working in a hospital setting. You are expected to be compassionate to patients and hard-working within your team. While on the job, you can gain experience and training opportunities that can help further your career and increase your banding.

What you'll be doing

You will have a multitude of different roles to fulfil while on the job. These include:

- You will be providing top quality care plans tailored for a specific patient's needs.

- In accordance to your practice guidelines, you will be securely administering medication.

- You will be contributing to education and development in your workforce.

- You will be assisting doctors in planning discharges and helping doctors with consultations.

You are also expected to remain astute and professional, meeting all required standards in your workplace. At a hospital, your shifts can become night-shifts, but working in a community you are more likely to work 9-5.

What you can expect to earn

The current starting salary for a Band 5 nurse is £25,655, but with more years of experience can go up to £31,534. This stays the same regardless of what you're specialising in. You can also increase your banding to earn more, however this means you will have to take on more specialised roles.

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Where to find work

A job as a band 5 nurse requires you to be registered with the NMC, as well as having a nursing degree. You can find work in a myriad of places. Looking on job sites is beneficial, but you can also receive work through a healthcare recruitment agency. Here at Inna Care we can help you find and meet the exact circumstances you need in order to start work. Get in touch with us today to help you find the best opportunities.

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