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Writing your application form

Writing your application form

Once you have found a position that is of interest to you that matches your skills it is simply a case of submitting your application form online through InnaCare Jobs.

You have the ability to prepare your application form in advance until such a time you wish to apply. Thereafter it is a case of tailoring your application form in order that you can demonstrate how well you meet the person specification of the position you are applying for and then submit.

Here are some things to bear in mind when preparing your application.

Gather all the information you need

The following information will be required in order for you to complete the form:

  • your national insurance number (if you have one);

  • your immigration status (if applicable);

  • details of your qualifications (including dates awarded);

  • your professional registration / pin number (including expiry / renewal date) if appropriate;

  • details of all previous employers (including dates);

  • your supporting information - refer to the person specification to ascertain what kind of information you need to provide that will demonstrate your suitability for the role;

  • contact details for at least two referees covering a period of 3 years employment. One should be your current or most recent employer. Please ensure that you have sought their permission to use their details within your application.

Completing the form

  • You may be asked to answer some pre-application questions before you can complete the form itself. Make sure you answer all of these. They have been designed to help you quickly work out whether you are suitable for the role. Once you have answered them, click 'apply'.

  • Tick the declaration box to confirm you have read the site's terms and conditions.

  • Use the drop down box to specify where you first saw the vacancy and click 'submit'.

  • You are now in the application form. Make sure you enter all the information that's asked for - and please DO NOT USE BLOCK CAPITALS.

  • Ensure that you have read the job description and person specification carefully and match your skills and experience with the criteria. Provide specific examples within the supporting information section.

Some writing guidelines

You want to make sure your content is presented clearly and effectively. Here are a few guidelines to bear in mind:

  • Use clear, plain English – avoid using jargon.

  • Keep your sentences short – two short sentences are generally clearer than one very long sentence.

  • Remember to do a spell check – no matter how good your form is spelling mistakes will really let it down.

  • Read the content back to yourself – does it make sense? Are your points clear and easy to understand?

  • Check, check and check again – if you can, give your form the 'overnight test' and revisit it again the following day so you can read it with fresh eyes. It is also helpful to get someone else to read it for you too.

Different options

Once you have started or completed the form, you can either:

  • cancel and leave it at any time, without saving it;

  • save and return to the form at a later date or;

  • submit your application - make sure you have completed it fully and checked it carefully (including your spelling) before hitting 'submit'.

Once you have prepared a profile (a 'dummy' application form) you can use it to start the applications for any positions you wish to apply for. Simply select your Profile at the top of the application form when you first start to apply for the position.

When you wish to finalise outstanding application forms simply go to 'my applications' and click on the relevant 'continue with form'.

Applying for other jobs

One of the benefits of InnaCare Jobs is that you can prepare your application in advance by filling out your Profile, enabling you to then use the information when you find a suitable position.

It is important that you tailor each application to every new vacancy you apply for - particularly your supporting information. Doing this will give your application the best chance of success.

A few other things to bear in mind

  • Check the closing date carefully for vacancies and apply early if you can.

  • Some employers will remove vacancies from InnaCare Jobs as soon as they have received enough appropriate applications.

  • Check your emails and InnaCare Jobs account regularly to see how your applications are progressing. Any invitations to interviews or assessment days are likely to be sent by email.

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