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Staying motivated at work

If you have ever struggled with feeling unmotivated whilst you are at work, then fortunately we have a few tips to help you stay motivated and to inspire those around you!


Taking time to plan a schedule and to-do list will benefit you if you get overwhelmed by deadlines and suffer from burning out quickly. Having an organised schedule will allow you to pace yourself, plan for sufficient breaks so you can recharge. It will also create a sense of fulfilment as you tick each task off your completed checklist!


Unleash your creativity and initiate new ideas and activities for your workplace. For example, organise an activity outside of work for your team. Being involved in ideas and implementing them, you are more likely to feel engaged and motivated to work.


One of the most important tips to staying motivated is to always be yourself, have fun! Putting on a different front for work and not being yourself will eventually mentally burn you out. Show off your authentic self at work and be proud of who you are. When you are true to who you are, you will be able to achieve in your job, and be motivated to strive towards your goals!


Daily, weekly and monthly personal goals are key to staying motivated at work, make sure your goals are relevant to your work but not the most stressful, for example learning a new skill or learning how to use a new program. It will help you break away from your daily grind and will help to relieve your stress. When you have completed a goal make sure to reward yourself at the end!

Written by Alexia Agathangelou

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