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Keeping your information secure

Keeping your information secure

When you use InnaCare Jobs, you want to be confident the personal information you provide is safe and secure. We take online information security very seriously, and we use the latest technology and practices to safeguard against loss, misuse and alteration of the information you provide. However, you too have a part to play in protecting your personal information on the internet.

Some of the ways we keep information secure

  • We use the latest industry-standard security technology. This includes many different layers of IT security, including firewalls and anti-virus software.

  • We require login usernames and passwords to make sure we are dealing with you. After 60 minutes of inactivity, we also automatically log you out. So it is important you save your work regularly, especially when you are completing an application form.

  • Our site uses cookies to keep track of your searches in any single visit. These cookies expire after you leave the site, and do not allow anyone to access your confidential information.

Online security - what you can do

There are some simple things you can do to protect the information on your PC and the personal information you provide online, both on InnaCare Jobs and any other websites.

Use and update your anti-virus software regularly

You may already be using anti-virus software but to be effective the software needs to be updated regularly.

Keep passwords private, and do not always use the same one

It is important not to share your username, password or any other unique personal details with anyone else. It is tempting to have the same password for everything, but this puts your security at risk. It is strongly advisable to have a unique password for any services you use which contain personal information.

When choosing a password:

  • try not to be tempted to use passwords that can be guessed easily, such as children's names, pet's names, birth dates or phone numbers

  • never write it down - if you need to record it, use a code system, for example by transposing some of the letters

  • you can improve security by using more characters, numbers or special characters in your password. Our 'password strength indicator' can help you select a more secure password for your account

  • ensure you enter your password without being seen

  • consider changing your password regularly, and especially if you think it may have been compromised.

Log off

Remember to log off and close your internet browser when you have finished working on your online application - especially if you are using a shared computer.

Other security tips

  • Avoid file sharing on your computer. This is when you can access other people's files, such as music, and they can access yours. Doing this can allow viruses, and other harmful software, to infect your computer.

  • Disable your computer's 'file and printer sharing' capabilities to help prevent unauthorised access.

  • Be wary of opening any unexpected emails with attachments.

By following these simple tips, you can go a long way towards protecting your online security - not only when you are using InnaCare Jobs, but across the internet in general.

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