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Our Clients are Part of Inna Care Family

At InnaCare we value the health, well-being, and happiness of our clients. To ensure that these values are met to the utmost highest standard, we implement a holistic method of care which focuses on the mental, physical, emotional, as well as the social well-being of our clients. Through much experience, we’ve understood that focusing on the whole person, rather than just the specific ailment they suffer from, provides the best quality service for our clients, as it’s ensured comfort for them in their challenging conditions.

A prime example of this method been a success is shown through the work of Florina M our carer with Andy our client. Andy is blind, and thus faces challenges in his daily life, such as completing his day-to-day tasks. In order to successfully aid Andy to deal with these challenges, Florina M made sure to abide by our company’s protocol of holistic methods. As a carer for InnaCare, Florina M was aware that people can suffer from loss of confidence, dejection, and isolation when a certain level of independence is lost or hindered. Moreover, Florina M knew that when people suffer from these issues that come as a result of their ailment, they can then face further deterioration to their overall wellness. To tackle these issues, Florina M supported Andy by helping him complete tasks he was able to do, rather than just do the tasks for him. This ensured that Andy didn’t lose his sense of independence and recognised that he was a valued individual whose needs are catered specifically for him. As a result, Andy’s confidence was strengthened and he developed trust in his carer, and thereby formed a relationship and friendship with her. This caused Andy to recognise that he wasn’t simply a client, but he was a person who was genuinely cared for by his carer and InnaCare. Also, Andy had felt comfort and secure under the care of Florina M, and this made a positive impact to his happiness and state of mind, which therefore positively influenced his all-round well-being.

Overall, the high standards and values we at InnaCare adhere to regarding care for our clients are consistently met, and our client Andy was one example of this accomplishment. Due to our carer carrying out InnaCares holistic methods of care, our client not only had his physical needs met, but he also had his emotional, mental, and social needs met, which thus resulted in a happy and healthier client.

The above picture highlights the trust and close friendship that was formed between Andy and his carer. Andy was so fond of Florina M that he invited her over to his home with her two young children to put up a Christmas tree and decorate it. Such is a representation of the bonds, kindness, and friendship shared between our carer and client, which is a true display of the Christmas spirit of goodwill. This display of the Christmas spirit isn’t just for a season at InnaCare, but it’s a display of the very fabric of our company. At InnaCare, we value the principles of compassion and care, and the above picture shows the wonderful rewards of abiding by these principles throughout all seasons.

Jodel Moore

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