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Avoid Germs In The Workplace

It’s time to face facts and admit that summer is gone. As the days get shorter, the climate gets colder; and the inevitable happens: more people get ill.

Whilst we could all do with a day off in bed, there are better ways to do it than sniffling and sneezing.

However, we’re more likely to get colds as we spend more time indoors in colder months sharing germs with others. Viruses that cause colds spread more easily in colder air than they do warm.

Parents are Susceptible

Parents of kids in school sharing germs with other children are much more susceptible than during the summer. As our nasal passages are drier due to being inside, viruses have a better chance of taking hold and striking us down, whether we’re parents or not.

The bad news is there are already lots of germs in the workplace. Few people have the luxury of avoiding human beings on a daily basis, so what can we actually do to maximise the risk of falling ill when surrounded by human germ factories?

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

There’s a lot to be said for a tidy desk and its impact on our mental health, and poor mental health can result in a weakened immunity system, so clear up that work station and free your mind. Whilst you’re at it, do yourself a favour and use some ant-bacterial spray or wipes to clean up. Shockingly, a typical desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet does.

Carry some anti-bacterial gel around with you and use it regularly, especially after being in contact with the files that sniffly Maria just handed you. Not everyone can be as obsessed about cleanliness as you, so assume the worse and keep your hands as germ free as possible.

Making Phone Calls

Those of us that use a desk phone for our jobs should be aware of the veritable petri dish forming its own ecosystem on there. We’re faced with over 25,000 bacteria living on the average handset! If you use the phone whilst also tapping away on your comparatively sterile keyboard with only 3,000 bacteria; then you are running the gauntlet with germs every day.

Use some spray and clean regularly or get some ant-bacteria phone wipes that are widely available.

If you are unlucky enough to fall foul of illness, in an ideal world you really should stay at home and avoid spreading germs. If, however, that’s unavoidable, then make sure you keep washing your hands and put all tissues in a bin. Thinking of others can help spread love instead of colds.

Whatever your position, wherever your location, Inna Care should be your first stop when looking for a new role. We can’t guarantee a germ-free life, but we can offer you a stress-free agency experience.

Contact us now about your next job.

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