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About InnaCare

We believe that every individual has a right to outstanding care when they need it. Since 2016, InnaCare has championed best practice and the fair treatment of staff and those for whom they care.  


All our staff are carefully selected and serve as permanent employees with guaranteed minimum hours. And through our ongoing investment in Clinical Governance, technology and staff development we foster the highest standards of practice and nurture a unique culture of trust and empathy.  


In our latest survey, nine out of ten employees said that they would recommend InnaCare to care for their loved ones.

Inna Care was founded in 2016 by Florina and Eugen Dinsorean. Their vision was simple; to raise standards in care provision and to deliver the most trusted, reliable service in the UK. 

Drawing on clinical expertise and management acumen, they were driven by a heartfelt belief that 'there must be a better way'. Striving for the very best was a guiding principle for both the treatment of staff and those for whom they care.


Today, InnaCare continues to grow and has evolved from a collection of branches to a sophisticated network of local centres with the very best staff.

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        The carer comes in the front door, on every visit, calls my name and with a smile on her face.

We both get on so well together, I look forward to this carer coming and we love a good chat, too. "

- Mary B

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Romford Head Office




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07960 088 983

Queens Court

9-17 Eastern Road

Romford, Essex


Croydon Office




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07311 577 646

22 Addinscombe Road, 

Croydon, London


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